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Emile is an amazing healer and person, and I am super happy to have found him on a PANS/ PANDAS forum. My daughter was mysteriously, seriously ill and no one could figure out how and why and where her ailment was coming from, and we saw every 'specialist' at every medical center in NYC who would just bounce us to the next, for a whole two years. It was not until we found energy healer Emile that she started feeling much better as her life threatening condition ceased in just a few sessions. I can't say I understand the 'how' Emile worked his healing, but I can attest that his healing works.

Andreea Burciu-Ballen

It is my pleasure to offer this testimonial for Emile van der Hilst, whom I firmly consider to be one of the most gifted healers working today.

I contacted Emile several months back as a last-ditch effort to alleviate a 2-3 year long treatment-resistant depression (and related issues which were equally difficult) that had not responded to even the most advanced conventional medical treatments. I was surprised to receive an email back from Emile that same day. From the first message, he was warm and kind, very different than most doctors, medical professionals, and healers I have been to.

I’ll admit that I came to my first session with a profoundly skeptical attitude as I hadn’t had good experiences with other healers, mediums, and psychics in the past. Still, from the moment I walked into Emile’s treatment room, I felt comfortable and welcome. Within a minute or two Emile very gently and precisely pointed out the deep-seated emotional issues he saw (all of which were correct and had been mentioned to me by others recently). As he began to work on me I experienced a deep, restorative healing peace unlike anything I had ever known before. I have long been in a continually agitated state, but Emile had no trouble calming me down on every level. I lost my skepticism immediately.

Because of chronic exhaustion, I was frequently late for the first several appointments. I was surprised to find that Emile was always in a good mood and never thrown off-center by my tardiness. Given how much trouble I was having at the time, I deeply appreciated (and still appreciate) his patience with me. It was very refreshing. What’s more, Emile worked very efficiently during those sessions, somehow compressing a full sessions’s worth of healing into sometimes less than half a typical session. It’s only in retrospect that I realize how generous and extraordinary this was. Although everyone’s experience will be different, in my experience, those first few (short) sessions were enough to cure me of a very difficult issue I thought I would never be able to resolve.

When I told Emile about my healing experience, he didn’t take any credit. He simply expressed his happiness for me. His humility was obviously genuine and profound. I was humbled by his humility! For someone to turn down credit for such a beautiful healing — all I can say is that only a very special person can do that and mean it, the way Emile did.

From the first session, Emile made me feel completely comfortable both in conversation and during the treatment — a feeling which is very unusual for me. Every time I see him, it’s like seeing a very good friend. Like any master healer, Emile has clear boundaries, which he maintains with admirable tact and kindness. And yet, you still feel and know that you’re talking to someone who truly cares about your wellbeing and will be there to help in difficult moments. You get the clear sense that Emile cares about your wellbeing far outside of session and this his ultimate goal is your maximum health and happiness. He also has an extraordinary gift for making you feel heard. When you talk to him, you get his full attention. Rarely have I met a doctor or therapist — or anyone else — who listens as deeply as Emile does. As I often see him towards the end of the day, I’ve expected to see him work at less than 100%. But this has never been the case: Emile always gives 100% of himself to our conversations and the treatment.  ,

I could write so much more, so for the sake of brevity, I’ll offer some bullet points about Emile and my experience with him:

  • His sessions somehow always target exactly what I need (even if I may want something else). Because of this, I keep seeing improvement.

  • There’s never any feeling of judgement. Though I’m sure he has considerable insight into what originally caused any issue being treated, I’ve never felt like he was blaming me for my problems (even though blame could have been easily justified). Rather, I’ve always felt like he sees the problem as it is right now, and works with you with great compassion to achieve lasting healing. Though he may reveal a bit of information about potential causes of your issues, he’s always judicious in what he says and how he says it, and does so for your benefit.

  • When possible, he offers deep insights, but without being dogmatic or arrogant. When it’s not possible, he tells you so very clearly.

  • He always points to your own abilities to self-heal and your own capacity to be and do more; he never encourages unhealthy dependence on him, but rather gently pushes you to have justified confidence in yourself. To the best of my understanding, Emile’s philosophy is that all healing is self-healing, and he’s there to help facilitate that self-healing as efficiently as possible. That’s a philosophy I can subscribe to.

  • That being said, if the issue takes more than a few sessions to resolve or get significantly better, he’s incredibly patient and never gives up on you. He helps you stay focused on meaningful goals and steady progress.

  • Emile is deeply ethical in how he uses his considerable gifts. It’s clear that he treats everyone with dignity and respect, without exception, whether he knows them or not.

In sum, Emile is truly a master healer: warm, compassionate, caring, empathetic, grounded, balanced, humble, ethical, and profoundly effective. He’s taken his innate gifts and has honed them with decades of hard work and focused discipline (and continues to hone them as time passes) — a rarity in modern society. I consider myself extraordinarily lucky to have met him. Without hesitation, I would encourage anyone who’s considering doing so to reach out to Emile. You won't regret it.

S. Shome

Within moments of meeting Emile, I felt safe and in the right place. Already one session down and I feel what tremendous work he does. As an energy healer myself, I can tell his work is healing beyond the physical level. But that being said, I felt a great load of pressure lift off my neck and chest as well as an alignment of back. Whether or not you are comfortable with the idea of energy, you are sure to benefit from the physical healing aspects of his Craniosacral therapy. I look forward to our future sessions. His work is very subtle yet extremely powerful. I highly recommend him.


Emile is the real deal. Do not hesitate to book an appointment with him . Healer 💯 radical transformation from suffering to well being.

Kelly Cutrone

Amazingly effective and fast treatment by a highly trained AND gifted practitioner. Emile was the first person in my two years of search to heal my chronic back pain, in only a few sessions. I am truly grateful!!!

Yudit Maros, LMFT

I found Emile after three years of continuous back pain. All kind of treatments did not help me to get better and bilateral injections made it worse. Emile has a complete different approach and I felt already better after the first sessions. Since I work with him my body started healing and I feel better and got confidence to return to my normal activities. Emile helped me to start a new life without pain. 

Karin Bradeen

Emile is nothing short of a miracle worker to our family! Our 5 1/2 year old son was recommended to Emile by his developmental  optometrist because he was determined to have an overactive sympathetic nervous system. When the MD shined a light in his eyes they didn’t dilate which meant our son was in a constant state of “fight or flight”. He was a delayed walker having some balance issues as a toddler so it made a lot of sense in his fears. Christopher immediately took to the kindness and warmth of Emile. The benefits of his treatments by far exceeded our expectations! Not only did the vision issue become resolved but Christopher was calmer and more focused. His teachers noticed a huge difference. It also helped his constipation issues which was only an added bonus! When we would leave a treatment with Emile Christopher was so relaxed he would sleep for 12 hours or more in the deepest sleep! He has changed our son and it’s been amazing to watch!

I was so amazed that I decided that I too wanted to experience the benefits of Emile’s work for myself. I have experienced extreme neck pain for the past 3 years, I did chiropractic care and deep tissue massages and only received temporary relief. In my session Emile was able to identify that this issue was actually not my neck but the compression of bones at the base of my skull.  He felt it was from a fall which I had but didn’t tell him yet because I didn’t think it was a factor in this. I assumed it was “mommy stress”. I am 2 weeks out and not one ounce of pain in my neck! Emile’s description of what to expect after my session was 100% accurate. I feel more centered and happier because I am finally free of pain!

I can confidently say that I can double confirm the benefits of working with the talented Emile! So much so that we are now bringing in our daughter for a session tomorrow!

Thanks so much Emile! You are changing lives with your expertise, it’s truly such a gift!


I suffered a mild concussion and was referred to Emile for treatment. Not only is he professional and kind but his healing skills are above par. He was able to to identify specific areas that needed treatment and after a few sessions of his healing hands, my symptoms were pretty much gone! I highly recommend him for those who are going through post concussion syndrome. You will not be disappointed!


Emile treated a recent injury but did so much more for me. Before Christmas I suffered a terrible fall and injured my right shoulder. The ER said it was a sprain and to take pain relievers. The pain was excruciating and was not getting better. I have a three year old so not being able to use my right arm is not really an option. I didn’t want to go to the doctor and get a needless MRI or worse – surgery. I saw Emile in mid-January. The pain went from a 10 for more than three weeks to a 2 after seeing him once. After my second visit a week later it was completely gone – as though it never happened.  In speaking to Emile, I shared that I had fallen from a big height when I was a kid and have had lower back pain since. He treated that and I haven’t had lower back pain since. These are the results – but the experience is just as wonderful. Emile is incredibly gentle and precise. He explains what he is doing and provides insight into how everything in the body works is interconnected. I have gotten massages and go to a chiropractor but this treatment is far away the most relaxing and the results more significant and long lasting. I hope to see Emile for many years to come.


I am a bodyworker, chiropractor and teacher of movement, touch, acting and dance.

I first met Emile through two different colleagues who recommended that we meet. I understood at once why they introduced us.

I run an organization, Getting Better Community, whose mission is to bring together professionals from different disciplines to share information and support and to educate the public about the benefits of movement and touch care.

Right away, recognized a great healer, technician and colleague in Emile. I knew that Emile was the type of professional I wanted in my circles, and that has proved true. He’s warm, sensitive, professional and very skilled.

Emile’s work spans the realms of spirit, body and mind as well as the many distinct layers of the anatomical and functional body:  musculoskeletal, organic, physiological, and neural.

I discovered that Emile is a remarkable teacher as well. He has taught courses for the Getting Better Community and my students loved his class. His teaching is well-prepared, alert, spontaneous and responsive.

I have co-treated patients with Emile and referred them as well. They all felt they were helped by him. I sent my own partner to him. He was struck by Emile’s combination of personal presence in the moment with extraordinarily detailed technical attention.

Emile is punctual, professional, thorough and skilled. He explains what he’s doing but leaves room for the client’s own experience. He is respectful and engaging with clients and referring practitioners. Emile is highly trained and committed to the principles and practice of his style of work, which is influenced by French osteopathic manual technique, and he is a lifelong student, always thirsty for more knowledge and experience.

The experience of good bodywork is a bit like the taste of milk: we know it when we experience it, but we don’t expect to be able to verbalize it, because our culture doesn’t recognize the neurological, cognitive and emotional benefit and subtlety of giving and receiving touch. What I can say about Emile’s work is that you feel secure as in the arms of a father, while simultaneously, a subtle set of changes happen in that container that expand the range of possibility. As a practitioner, he is attentive yet relaxed and separate, giving a safe sense of privacy and normalcy to a profoundly transformative and deceptively gentle experience.

In physical experience, experiencing is believing. I’ve experienced hundreds of bodyworker and movement teachers in my life, and Emile is in the top ten percent. I urge you to “feel” for yourself what new possibilities Emile’s hands, heart and mind may open for you.

George Russell, M.A.L.S., DC

Recently attended Emile van der Hilst’s workshop “Sitting in the Power”. It was an amazing experience.

Emile is warm and open and he has created a sweet, welcoming space for learning this meditation/mediumship practice as well.

Emile started with an explanation of the spiritualist’s philosophy that is the basis of his practice. His explanations were easy to understand and follow. Then we meditated and for me this was a very powerful experience. I was actually sad when Emile brought the meditation to an end! From there Emile continued with a series of exercises that grew from the first one. Each had a unique flavor and I enjoyed all of them. The group discussion that followed each one helped me clarify my experience even more.

I look forward to attending another of his workshops in the future. I highly recommend it.

I recommend Emile as a healer as well. He has helped me where no one else could. He is truly a gifted healer.


Eli is doing really well. I actually saw a big difference that same night after the first treatment, and continued improvement for about a week. He is now doing so much better with breastfeeding, as well as bottle feeding while I’m at work. I really feel like something “clicked” into place after the treatment. Thank you so much for your help in getting Eli on track.

Hope, mother of 10 weeks old Eli

Emile’s treatments have been immensely helpful in alleviating the back and neck pain I’ve dealt with for close to a decade. Every time I’ve gone, I leave feeling so relaxed and the next day I notice a substantial difference in my body that has a lasting impact on my overall physical and mental health. Emile is clearly gifted and what he does and immediately makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend him!


As a triathlete, marathon runner, and former soccer player, I have experienced a range of sports-related injuries over the years. Following my first marathon, I was suffering from illiotibial (IT) band syndrome, an unjust that has plagued my running in the past. Not seeing any improvement through stretching or rest, I sought alternative treatment from Emile van der Hilst. The treatment was so different – in a very good way – than any traditional therapy I had ever experienced. Emile’s professionalism and knowledge coupled with his gentle and caring demeanor immediately put me at ease. I was incredibly impressed by Emile’s ability to immediately recognize other longstanding injuries – and articulate how they were potentially interrelated. The treatments were relaxing from both a mind and body perspective. Before and after the treatment, Emile took the time to explain what he was doing and why, and encouraged feedback and questions.  After only two sessions, the knee pain subsided, and I also gained a better understanding of the holistic treatment as I noticed a slight difference in my overall gait. I would highly recommend Emile to anyone who is experiencing any physical ailment and is open to trying a new form of treatment.


One morning, I woke up and could barely get out of bed.  My back was in spasm and each step I took brought on severe pain.  Over the course of about 10 days, I went to a chiropractor five times, an acupuncturist twice and an orthopedist once.  I still had painful spasms on a continuous basis.  That is when I contacted Emile van der Hilst.  Within hours of my first treatment, I finally received relief from the pain. By the next treatment, I was completely pain free.  During the treatment, Emile explained why I was having the pain and how he was going to help.  He was compassionate, knowledgeable and professional.  I plan to continue to see Emile for treatments as a proactive approach.  I hope I will never get this kind of pain again, but if I do, I know who I will go to immediately.


Emile recently treated my 6 month old son.  He had a mild case of eczema on his back and abdomen.  I am extremely surprised at how quickly my son reacted to the treatment! The eczema is 100% gone.  Highly recommend!


Within a minute into my first session with Emile he had identified one of my major woes without me even mentioning it. And after a second session he worked to clear a block relating to one of my kidneys in the exact spot I had been experiencing discomfort for over 10  years. After several sessions I am now standing straighter, feel more balanced on my feet & am walking with more ease.  Emile intuitively integrates the therapies during the sessions which target more than just the physical body as I am also feeling way more relaxed and my mind is much calmer. I have immense trust in his process from which I know I am greatly benefiting.


Emile works wonders!!! My son sees Emile every other week and we see such a difference in him every time he sees Emile!!! Emile is very attentive and receptive to not only my son’s needs but also listens to us as the parents as to what we see and adjusts his therapies accordingly!!! We love him so much my wife will be seeing him in the next two weeks and I will be scheduling a session with him as well!


I am in my third trimester and have been feeling great during my pregnancy. However, one day I was almost in tears, as I had very bad pain in one specific part of my back/glut muscle. I had my bi-weekly doctor appointment that day so I informed my OB/GYN. She let me know it was my compressed sciatic nerve. She gave me a position to lay in to help the pain, but didn’t offer much else. That is when I called Emile. During the treatment – he made sure I was comfortable and was able to provide me WHY I was having the pain. By the end of the treatment, I was able to get off the table and was in no pain. After a night of sleeping (with no pain), the next day I felt significantly better. My colleagues even commented the following day – how much better I looked. Emile followed up with me to check in on how I was feeling and gave one tune-up treatment about a week later.  Since my two treatments with Emile my pain went from an 8 to a 1 and I am back to loving being pregnant and so grateful for having a medicine free, pain free solution that makes me feel more relaxed.


Emile is a very good colleague and friend. With amazing hands and knowledge. Emile doesn’t look only to the symptoms but he will look especially to the whole body, to the cause of the complaints. That gives amazing results with a lot of compassion.

Mark Bloemberg, Teacher Barral Institute, BSc, PT, CST-D, CVMP

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