Born and raised in the Netherlands, Emile van der Hilst is a New York based healer with more than 20 years experience. Emile has helped numerous individuals – adults, children, infants, pregnant women and seniors – with all kind of health issues, especially those who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety and depression, and other illnesses that seem unsolvable. His compassionate approach, which takes into account well-being on every level, not just physical health, has time and again given relief and results to those who seek him out.

With his ability to work in the altered states and blend with his healing team in the spirit world, Emile is one of the most profound healers working today. His healing sessions work on the root cause of your health issues, and give lasting results. While some clients may need multiple sessions to create the needed outcome, most clients already feel significantly improvements in just a couple sessions.

Besides his mediumistic abilities, Emile has a background in Craniosacral Therapy (CST-D, Upledger Institute), and Visceral Manipulation (CVMP, Barral Institute). In addition, Emile completed the Neural Manipulation curriculum at the Barral Institute and the Craniosacral Therapy for Pediatrics curriculum at the Upledger Institute.

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