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Emile is truly a master healer: warm, compassionate, caring, empathetic, grounded, balanced, humble, ethical, and profoundly effective. He’s taken his innate gifts and has honed them with decades of hard work and focused discipline (and continues to hone them as time passes) — a rarity in modern society. I consider myself extraordinarily lucky to have met him. Without hesitation, I would encourage anyone who’s considering doing so to reach out to Emile. You won't regret it.

S. Shome

Emile was about eight years old when he had a vision that he was going to heal people using his hands. Since it didn’t seem the work of a typical doctor, he didn’t fully understand what it meant at the time. Later in his late teens, Emile went through a health crisis which made him drop out of college and, when he started to feel better after two years, start a successful career as a tennis coach. At the same time, inspired by his own healing experience, Emile began to study all kinds of holistic healing modalities, including Upledger’s craniosacral therapy/somato emotional release (Diplomate certified, 2008) and the work of French osteopath J.P. Barral (VM Certified, 2010).

In his continuing search to improve his healing and intuitive skills, Emile went in 2013 to the Arthur Findlay College in England. At this college for the advancement of spiritualism and psychic sciences all the pieces of the puzzle came together and Emile found the meaning behind the vision he had when he was eight. At that time, he also remembered that as a child he used to play a game where he would simply lie down on his bed and shift his consciousness elsewhere. Looking back now he can see that both experiences were the first steps of his journey to becoming the healer that he is today.

Since his first visit to the Arthur Findlay College, Emile has been actively strengthening his blending with the spirit world and at the moment he is working closely with a team of great healers, some of them who were also well known healers in their physical life.

For clients who like to book a healing session, Emile has an office in Mt Kisco, NY and New York City for in-person sessions. For clients in other parts of the world, or who aren't able to visit him, Emile offers distant sessions via zoom. Emile feels very fortunate that he has found his soul's purpose and is more than happy to help anyone who seeks out his services.

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