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Within moments of meeting Emile, I felt safe and in the right place. Already one session down and I feel what tremendous work he does. As a healer myself, I can tell his work is healing beyond the physical level. But that being said, I felt a great load of pressure lift off my neck and chest as well as an alignment of back. His work is very subtle yet extremely powerful. I highly recommend him.



Born and raised in the Netherlands, Emile van der Hilst is a New York based healer with more than 20 years of experience. Emile has helped numerous individuals with all kinds of health issues. His compassionate and down-to-earth approach, which takes into account your well-being on every level - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - has time and again given relief and results to those who seek him out.


Click below for some of the heartwarming stories Emile’s clients have shared about their healing experience and how Emile has helped them change their life for the better.


The body is not a mechanistic machine, but rather a system of intelligence in which every cell has its own consciousness. During a healing session Emile will connect to this inner wisdom of the body, as well as allows the healing intelligence of the spirit world to access and control the flow of energy customized to your specific needs.

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