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…Emile is truly a miracle worker, after just one session my neck no longer hurts for the first time in 3 years. In my session Emile was able to identify that this issue was actually not my neck but the compression of bones at the base of my skull. He felt it was from a fall which I had but didn’t tell him yet because I didn’t think it was a factor in this. The aftermath was exactly as he described and its amazing, I feel awesome…


Healing that reaches beyond the range of possibility

Do you feel physically or emotionally stuck? Do you have complaints that seem unsolvable? A session with Emile can create dramatic changes in your life. Because Emile can get to the root cause of your problems, he can accelerate healing for all kind of persistent health issues, and help you find balance in mind, body and soul.

What other people say

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Sharing your experience is a beautiful way to help inspire others, and remind them that healing is possible, even when they feel physically or emotionally stuck. Your comments and feedback are always greatly appreciated!


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